Hosted Exchange


Advanced collaboration features such as calendaring, public folders and contacts make Microsoft Exchange the industry standard for enterprise email solutions.

Implementing Microsoft Exchange in-house requires a full time IT staff, may pose a technical challenge and may also become a financial burden which is why many small businesses choose is to outsource their Microsoft Exchange Solution. This allows all the collaborative benefits of Microsoft Exchange while minimizing both cost and hassle.

By outsourcing your Exchange you can save dollars in licensing and IT staff without compromising performance and security.

blt-yellow2 Hosted Exchange Advantage
tick-green1 Access to email, anytime and anywhere with Outlook and OWA
tick-green1 Support for Outlook Anywhere
tick-green1 Enterprise Collaboration of files, folders, contacts and calendars
tick-green1 Global Address List and Offline Address Book
tick-green1 100% Uptime Guarantee
tick-green1 Public Folders, Shared Contacts and Shared Folders
tick-green1 Powerful Enterprise level Spam filtering Per User Quarantines and Settings
tick-green1 Free Windows Sharepoint (standard on specific plans)
tick-green1 ActiveSync support for Windows Mobile handhelds
tick-green1 ActiveSync support for Iphone (version 2.0)
tick-green1 Free copy of Outlook 2007 or Entrourage 2008 per subscribed user
tick-green1 Free Split Domain support
tick-green1 Blackberry Enterprise Server support (available as an add-on)
tick-green1 Microsoft CRM Intergration (available as an add-on)
tick-green1 World Class Tier-4 Datacenter facility
tick-green1 Assisted Outlook Setup and Migration
tick-green1 Techincal Support via telephone, email or Live-help
tick-green1 Month to Month, no long term contracts or commitments
tick-green1 Backups with 14 day retention plan
tick-green1 Control Panel

Windows Sharepoint is standard and free on all Exchange subscriptions.

Hosted Exchange 4GB Mailboxes and Features Setup Price Per Mailbox
4GB Mailbox (minimum of 3 mailboxes) $25* $9.95
Hosted Exchange 6GB Mailboxes and Features Setup Price Per Mailbox
6G Mailbox (minimum of 3 mailboxes) $25* $11.95

* The $25 setup fee will be assesed at the time of subscription to the service and credited toward the total recurring subscription upon completion of the setup process.

Optional Features Setup Price Per Mailbox
Blackberry Enterprise Server Waived $10.95
Email Archiving Waived $7.95
Split Domain Setup Waived n/a