Total Cloud Solutions

Technology is at the heart of your company’s success, but it shouldn’t consume your resources or cause daily headaches. Imagine turning your company’s IT into a utility like service like the power company instead of a complex system that causes persistent headaches and lost productivity.

BridgeNet’s Total Cloud solution delivers your entire network securely, reliably, and cost effectively from any device using any Internet connection. Imagine no more onsite servers, troublesome VPN or site-to-site connections to maintain.

What is cloud computing?

The term “cloud” manifested from early network diagrams that depicted a connection that was unknown to the illustrator as a cloud. Many tech people can’t provide a simple explanation of what today’s cloud computing means to the business owner or end user. BridgeNet personnel deal with this question everyday and love not just telling people what cloud is but showing them how it can benefit them. When it comes to your business and Cloud Computing, we can provide the answers! Learn more about what Cloud Computing is all about

Cloud Computing: What are the Benefits?

Cloud computing is a new spin in the IT industry on technology that has been in existance for over 20 years, however, many companies are still unsure if cloud services are the right solution for them.

BridgeNet can help determine what level of Cloud Computing fits your business. Learn if cloud computing is right for you.

Cloud Hosted Applications

Move and manage your applications to a production-ready cloud computing environment. With BridgeNet’s Webtop portal, organizations can run any Windows and Unix based applications in a scalable on-demand cost-effective cloud. Enterprises typically migrate messaging applications to the cloud first cloud based email is a great first step to moving your organization to the cloud.