Whether we are in the office, traveling . . . or evacuated due to the potential landfall of a hurricane, we have procedures in place to continue to conduct business without interruption.  June 1st is the start of hurricane season and part of our preparatory planning includes notice to clients and friends about how we will continue to operate. In effort to serve our clients promptly and efficiently, we would like to keep you informed of our hurricane preparation plan.

Should a hurricane enter the Gulf of Mexico as a Category 3 with our area in the cone of projection, we will put our disaster plan into action.  We will evacuate early with the necessary resources so that our families will be safe, and we are setup to provide our customers with seamless, uninterrupted service. Should we need to evacuate, we will post a notice on our website, www.bridgenetllc.com, advising of our status and the various ways to make contact with our staff. Whenever a hurricane enters the Gulf of Mexico, we encourage you to refer to our website for the latest news. If for any reason you have difficulty reaching us or have other questions, the website will provide you with ways to connect with us. Our email, website, phone and other means of communication will remain in service despite any storm event.  Our team will divide up with half of it remaining within our area and the other half stationed outside of the New Orleans Metro area to be able to travel to outside locations for clients that may need to setup temporarily at a new site.  Our 3CX/Nexvortex customers will have pre-defined disaster recovery routing in place, and our customers with BridgeNet hosted email will maintain access through webmail.

Should you have any questions or concerns about our planning now or prior to any storm, please feel free to contact us today to help you get setup with your very own disaster plan.