The Cost of Using Failing Technology in Your Company


There is no slowing down in the world of technology. Staying on top of what is current isn’t a luxury anymore. When a business or organization is using outdated or failing technology, it reduces productivity, can cause loss of data, and drive customers elsewhere. Even a small business has to stay as current as possible. More often, large and small businesses alike are utilizing an IT provider to keep them updated with current and reliable technology solutions. The following are some points to consider related to the cost of using failing technology. As always, you can contact us for any questions you may have about your current technology needs and practices.

Time is Money

According to Chris Cancialosi with Forbes, more time is spent handling procedural and administrative issues with old technology than with new. Technology is constantly working to improve the quality of the user’s life by streamlining administrative tasks. Business IT prides itself on making technology both user-friendly and a time-saver. When less time is spent on back-end tasks, more time can be spent with customers servicing their needs. With older technology in the workplace, there are also more glitches and downtime. In the workplace of today, when the technology isn’t working at full capacity, productivity grinds to a halt.

Data Breaches

Any IT provider will tell you that data security is one of the most important considerations for businesses large and small. According to Rob Marvin with PC Magazine, the global average cost of a single data breach for a company costs nearly $4 million. In the United States alone, it is nearly $8 million. Failing technology and insufficient IT support can wind up costing a company far more than the cost of maintaining new and reliable equipment.

Loss of Employees

Depending upon where you work, when the technology doesn’t work well, is outdated, and the IT support is insufficient, it really sends the wrong message to employees. When employees are set up with new and reliable equipment and get the help they need, when they need it, everyone is happy. In a tight job market, it’s important for companies to have the best employees available. High turnover sends the wrong message to the workforce and it actually costs the company more money to recruit, train, and bring new employees up-to-speed.

Inefficient Processes

There is likely a technological solution to any inefficiency a workplace may encounter. When people feel bogged down with mindless tasks that have nothing to do with servicing customers and driving business, there may be a technology problem. Using an IT provider that is current with available resources to streamline the workplace can do wonders for productivity. That same IT provider can also determine if the speed of your system is optimal, which can further gum-up the process. The following may be clear indicators that your systems are running too slowly:

  • The internet is always slow – even when it’s working as it should
  • Apps and other programs load too slowly
  • It takes forever when turning on the computer
  • No Updates Available

One of the worst things to hear in the business IT world is that an update is not available, or the dreaded words “no longer supported.” This is perhaps the clearest indicator that you are using outdated or failing technology. This usually comes on the heels of other concerns, which are not being proactively addressed through regular technology reviews with your IT provider. When this is the case, new equipment must be on the horizon. It’s far better to prepare for that ahead of time, so you can properly budget for your upgrades, and your IT provider can work proactively instead of reactively.

Staying Current

Using an IT provider that will keep you up-to-date on current technology trends, practices, security, and maintenance is essential for any business. It’s clear that there is a real and measurable cost with using outdated and failing technology. Don’t get caught off-guard, visit to schedule a call with an expert IT provider. Contact us to keep your business IT on track to save you money and grow your company.

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