Cloud computing – Why is moving to the cloud like ordering pizza for your company?

Are you curious about all the buzz around Cloud Technology? Do you think the cloud has a place for your business?

Chances are you are using the cloud at least at a personal level and never realized it. Paying your bills through online banking, viewing your credit card statement via your credit card companies website, personal email accounts on yahoo or gmail, and Skype users are all perfectly good examples of services being provided to consumers in the cloud.

Why is moving to the cloud like ordering pizza for your company? Positioning cloud in your business comes in many different varieties – cheese pizzas, all the meats, stuffed crust, deep dish, veggies only, or all the way. How you build your pizza determines how the cloud impacts your company. Let me explain.

After Katrina, many of our customers opted to move to a hosted exchange server for their email. This is an example of a private email cloud. Other companies are familiar with our offsite backup solution. Instead of backing up to tapes or only backing up locally to disk, offsite backup is a cloud based service that securely stores file backups offsite in redundant data centers.

The supreme with all the extras is the latest pizza to arrive on the cloud market. This is a full cloud solution that can move your entire company to the cloud and eliminate the need for any onsite servers. You can take it a step further and allow your employees to BYOD (bring your own device) to work because the robust platform works on iPads, Macs, old desktops, laptops and even smartphones. It moves every application you currently work with inhouse into the cloud using enterprise level servers and fast storage arrays. A full cloud solution gives companies disaster recovery and high availability options for their entire operation which otherwise might not be affordable from a capital expenditure standpoint.

If you have questions about which toppings might work best for your business, please contact BridgeNet today for a free cloud readiness assessment.

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