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BridgeNet Technology Consultants offers strategic IT solutions, managed services, and IT support to growing businesses in the Baton Rouge Louisiana area. Our managed IT services are your secret weapon to help keep your business running smoothly and securely. BridgeNet has made a name for itself as a dependable IT company that offers competitive pricing to Southeast Louisiana’s small business community.

We have been using BridgeNet for more than 3 years. They are always just a phone call away! They will quickly remote into our system and can typically get us fixed that way. If not, they will send someone out ASAP! Completely satisfied with the company and their service.
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What You Get When You Partner With BridgeNet

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Staff members do not need to waste time on the phone trying to get to a live person.  Your calls are answered by staff in our office – no automated system, no dial by number directory.  You need help fast and our goal is getting your problem resolved as quickly as possible.  Every employee has access to expert IT support.

Where do you turn when you are working late to get that important document prepared for your early morning meeting and your printer displays an error message?  We have on-call technicians ready to assist you in an emergency.  Our operations team shares in the responsibility of afterhours care for our customers.  While we value our family time just as much as anyone else, we understand when you need support outside of the typical 8-5 workday.

Internet outages are a high priority for you in today’s connected world.  We get it, and we proactively monitor your internet connection to work with your ISP (Cox, Charter, ATT, etc) to determine the root cause and help them restore service as quickly as possible.

Problems are resolved faster when everyone comes together to work as a team.  Other vendors play a critical role in managing your infrastructure, and we will work together with them to resolve issues as quickly as possible.

Your staff deserves top notch service and quick resolutions to their problem.  You’ve never collaborated with a vendor at this level before.  These tools strengthen our partnership as we work together to build a stronger IT knowledgebase.  We document our best practices and constantly update and groom them to ensure we are meeting your staff’s desires.

Your company growth is key.  We come to the table as a trusted partner to help in that growth strategy.  Regular technology assessments are one of the most effective tools we have when it comes to staying proactive and anticipating company needs.  These calls will help nurture our relationship and establish our expertise in helping plan and budget for the future. 

You expect user adds/changes/deletions to be done quickly and precisely every time.  This reaches back to our documentation system to produce consistent results when changes are made to the IT environment especially when it comes to security access for users.

Affordable insurance is a necessity when disaster strikes.  You want to rest easy knowing everything is backed up and systems can return to normal in a respectable time frame given the unfortunate event of a disaster while at the same time not breaking the bank.   We wrap a security blanket around your network to protect it.

Your staff will not be burdened with computer and printer setups.  Don’t waste valuable employee productivity on a task we have down to a science.  We help spec the correct system for the job, order it, receive it, prep it, configure it with individual user configurations and ship it on its way to its new home with no time interruption to your staff.

And More! Reach out to our high performing IT team to learn more about the benefits of partnering with BridgeNet.

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The BridgeNet Team Of Technology Experts

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Managing Partner

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Help Desk Consultant

Sean Imel
Systems Consultant

Shane Hodgson
Service Desk Manager

Kaycie Allen
Triage Specialist

Devin Fury
Systems Consultant

Ashley Jakins
Marketing Coordinator

Shane Neilsen
Systems Consultant

Richard Clark
Systems Consultant

John Hunley
Systems Consultant

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Let BridgeNet be your strategic IT partner. Our team of experts will provide you with guidance on implementing and leveraging technology to grow your business, manage your technology budgets, and put the right processes and systems in place to bring success to your business. Reach out today for a no obligation consultation and learn more about working with BridgeNet.

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