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7 Practical Tips to Protect Your Online Privacy

Forbes estimated that 4.1 billion records were exposed as a result of data breaches in the first half of 2019 alone? About 62% of business owners reported that they have experienced security attacks. The risk is so high that the World Economic Forum listed cyber-attacks [...]

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The Cost of Using Failing Technology in Your Company

There is no slowing down in the world of technology. Staying on top of what is current isn't a luxury anymore. When a business or organization is using outdated or failing technology, it reduces productivity, can cause loss of data, and drive customers elsewhere. Even [...]

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The Shocking Truth Behind Cybercrime Threats And What You Can Do About Them Now

Today's technological innovations have empowered small businesses to do things that would have been utterly unimaginable even 15 years ago. To remain competitive in a constantly shifting landscape, we've become more dependent on software and hardware to house even the most basic structures of the [...]

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Don’t Ever Let Your IT Company Do This To Your Computer Network

Today, when companies need to be lean, nimble and brutally efficient to survive in a competitive marketplace, cutting unnecessary costs is paramount. Unfortunately, it can be easy when you're on a tight budget to accidentally strip away components of your business that may seem gratuitous [...]

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5 Ways Your Employees Will Invite Hackers Into Your Network

Whether they're criminals or heroes, hackers in the movies are always portrayed as a glamorous group. When it comes down to the wire, these are the individuals who crack into the ominous megacorporation or hostile foreign government database, hitting the right key just in the [...]

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WARNING: Your Business Is More Likely To Be The Victim Of Cybercrime NOW Than Ever Before Take These Steps Today So You Don’t Get Hacked!

Though we're in the midst of an unprecedented rise in high-profile cybercrime incidents, it's easy to assume that our own much smaller businesses are safe. Sure, we think, hacking into the data stores of J.P. Morgan, the U.S. Government, or Virgin America can net hackers [...]

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Do You Really Want The Cheapest Computer Technician Working On Your Company’s Network?

These days, small businesses are more dependent on IT systems than at any other time in history. Because of this, even the slightest technological hiccups in our cyberspace-centered workflow can have expensive, lasting consequences. Perhaps the most dramatic illustration of this occurred back in 2013, [...]

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Cybercriminals Confess: The Top 5 Tricks, Sneaky Schemes And Gimmicks They Use To Hack Your Computer Network

The contemporary world is rife with digital thieves. They're penetrating the complicated data structures of huge credit-monitoring companies like Equifax, scooping up the personal information of millions of people. They're releasing sensitive customer data to the public from discreet businesses like Ashley Madison. They're watching [...]

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Natural Disasters Can Destroy, But Your Data Is Safe If It’s In The Cloud

This past hurricane season has brought some of the most harrowing, widespread destruction the southeastern United States has ever been forced to weather. But, despite the enormous, tragic cost of these natural disasters, the people of these communities persevere. In the wake of widespread wind [...]

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