Is Your Company Optimized for Remote Work?

Thousands of businesses have shuttered to a halt in the last week, but some companies have been able to keep their doors open by moving to remote offices for the first time. Many are struggling to keep their companies operating at the same rate because they don’t know how to run a remote office yet.
So, how can you be sure that your company is equipped to work from home when you haven’t assessed their needs to keep working efficiently?
Take our two-minute assessment to make sure you haven’t overlooked any steps in switching your company to remote work. We’ll send you personalized feedback to help you optimize your current work from home set up and figure out what can be improved to keep your company as productive as possible.  
There is free help to make sure that your company is optimized to continue doing business through this difficult time. Get the help you need to navigate remote work from IT professionals who are on your side. 

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