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Data Security

Implement a Defense-in-Depth solution to protect your critical business data.  Secure your systems at the perimeter, over the wire and at the core of your network.  Train your employees on the proper use and respect of company equipment.


Control traffic entering and leaving your network.  Employ virus and spyware protection at the gateway.  BridgeNet Technology Consultants can engineer a ruleset customized to your business requirements.


Deploy a robust, centrally managed and monitored antivirus and antispyware solution.  Protect laptops away from the office, servers and workstations at remote locations, and all of the assets at your home office.  Our systems are setup to email alerts in real time allowing quick response to detected threats.

Content Filtering

Tired of employees shopping for shoes or visiting facebook on office hours?  Implement a content filtering solution to prevent access to unauthorized web sites.

Employee Internet Monitoring

Take control of your systems and monitor/record the actions of your employees computer time.  Reduce inappropriate and non-work related computer activity by recording a wide range of PC activity including Email, Chat/IM, Web Surfing, Online Searches, Keystrokes and Programs used. Review user activity using a VCR-like screen snapshot recording. Also, generate high-quality management reports of your findings that can be printed or emailed on a regular basis.

Spam Filtering

Is your inbox full of Nigerian money scams?  Let BridgeNet provide complete enterprise-class protection for your email server. Our solutions provide a powerful, easy to use, and affordable solution to eliminating spam and viruses from your email.

Intrusion Prevention

Monitor your network systems for malicious or unwanted behavior on the wire or at the system level.  Prevent yet to be discovered attacks from crippling your business.


Protect ciritical company data whether it is being sent via email, stored on a thumb drive or resting peacefully on your server until the next time you access it.