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Hosted Applications

Small businesses now have the opportunity to take advantage of technologies that before only large corporations could enjoy. Purchasing the equipment and licenses required to employ quality business tools are often out of the reach of many small businesses. That is why BridgeNet is proud to provide hosted services that turn an otherwise financial and administrative burden into a turnkey asset to your business. Bridgenet offers complete offsite hosted services such as:

Windows Based Hosting

Windows based hosting plans offer popular applications such as Active Server Pages, ASP.NET, Cold Fusion, database connectivity.
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Linux Based Hosting

Linux based hosting plans are ideal for developers seeking a low-cost yet powerful hosting solution using technologies such as PHP, MySQL and CGI.
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Hosted Sharepoint

Windows SharePoint Services is a versatile technology that organizations and business units of all sizes can use to increase the efficiency of business processes and improve team productivity. With tools for collaboration that help people stay connected across organizational and geographic boundaries, Windows SharePoint Services gives people access to information they need.
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Hosted Exchange Enterprise Email

Microsoft Exchange is the industry standard for enterprise email solutions thanks to advanced collaboration features such as calendaring, public folders and contacts.

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Hosted Dynamics CRM 4.0

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 is a great option for businesses that want to minimize or strategically allocate their IT investments, but don’t want to compromise on the quality of their CRM solution.
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POP2 / IMAP Email Hosting

Our POP2/IMAP email hosting is a perfect solution for companies and individuals looking for email services without the added advanced features available in our Hosted Exchange solutions.
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Enterprise Spam Protection

Thanks to Barracuda Networks, we are able to provide complete protection of your email server. Our solutions provide a powerful, easy to use, and affordable solution to eliminating spam and viruses from your email.
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Hyper-V Powered VPS

Microsoft Hyper-V gives companies the ability to run websites and applications that are resource intensive. With hypervisor-based technology you get virtualization at the hardware level rather than at the OS level. The level of performance achieved with this technology is similar to that of a fully dedicated environment.
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ListServer Hosting

Take your email marketing and mailing list to the next level with our hosted listserver professional application. Our easy to use mailing list application comes with an intuitive web interface for administration and is rich with features.
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Dedicated Server Solutions

Businesses looking for a dedicated hosting solution need look no futher. Gotham Web Services offers powerful yet convenient solutions with a variety of add-ons and software, all riding on our excellent network.
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Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007

An online meeting space that allows you to meet with your colleagues online, which allows you to collaborate in real-time, even over long distances.

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In addition to the savings of hosted services, you will have the peace of mind in knowing that your communications and applications will still be accessible through any local disaster. No more evacuating servers or rerouting services. You take care of yourself and your business and we’ll take care of the technology your business relies on.