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Do you want to Erase Downtime and Eliminate Frustration and Headaches?

Bo and Chuck’s powerful combination brings their customers professional knowledge and certified expertise in all matters of information technology – network, servers, disaster recovery, backup, e-commerce, etc.

BridgeNet Technology Consultants serves small to medium sized business, schools and public entities in the Covington, Mandeville, Baton Rouge and New Orleans area and all points in between. It’s our goal to meet the IT needs of small and medium businesses by helping them successfully leverage the proper information technology solutions and eliminate issues before they cause expensive down time. This helps you focus on your main objective – driving your business forward. As you grow, we grow.

Here’s just a few reasons why our customers enjoy working with us…


BridgeNet professionals hold a wide range of certifications including Microsoft Certified Professional, A+, Cisco CCNA and CCSP but a certificate doesn’t replace years of experience. Our team has made the IT field their home for nearly 15 years with a combined experience of over 30 years.


We understand that time is money. Every hour you’re standing still because of a system failure means a loss of revenue and productivity. We are committed to the AAA principal… Answer when you call, Act on your request in a timely manner and accomplish the goal of meeting your need so you can get back to business.

We Understand Your Industry

BridgeNet services a vast array of industries which gives us insight into your unique needs. This allows us to selectively apply techniques and tools to give you the competitive edge in your business. The industries we support include:

Law Firms
Food Service
Real Estate
Fire Districts
Service Companies

Learn More About What We Do

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